Mama B’s Surrogacy

I’ve been debating on announcing this because of the kind of comments I might receive, but waking up this morning on Mother’s Day and being blessed with two little boys makes me not concerned about the negative things that others might say because this is what I want to do and I’m so HONORED to be able to carry a baby for the amazing couple that I have been matched with.

I’ve been thinking about doing this for over a year now. At the time it just wasn’t right timing. After we got settled into our house and after the holidays I decided to turn in my application with a surrogacy agency in February. In March I had my interview, my psych exam, and I got my medical clearance from my OB. Then it was off to Pasadena, CA to run some tests at the IVF clinic. After 2 LONG weeks I got confirmation that I’m a perfect candidate for surrogacy and I received my medical clearance from the IVF doctor. Now in May we are currently waiting to receive our contracts which we should have at the end of the week. After we get legal clearance I will start injections and medication for 3 or so weeks and then we will transfer an embryo.

Fun fact: Since technology is so awesome these days my Intended Parents can see if their embryo is a boy or a girl before we do the transfer. How cool is that?!

Happy Mother’s Day


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