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Menu For April 13-26

Detailed Grocery List

This grocery list for this menu is broken down into different sections of the store so all you need to do is download it onto your phone or print it out and go grocery shopping! I take this time consuming headache out of your equation! This grocery list will be sent to your email after you pay.



img_217513. Jambalaya
(I just buy the boxed one and add smoked sausage)
 14. Reverse seared NY strip steak
(So excited to try out our new Traeger!)
 15. Rustic roasted chicken
 16. Instant pot french dips
 17. Pulled pork
(Going to try a new recipe)
 19. Homemade chili
 20. Chili mac with leftover chili
 21. Spaghetti with homemade sauce and garlic bread
 22. Popcorn chicken
(I buy the frozen kind and throw it in the deep fryer and then I cut it up and make it into a chicken salad)
 23. Chicken taco lettuce wraps
 24. Out of town
 25. Out of town
 26. Old-fashioned blueberry pancakes
 Snacks & Desserts
 *Brownie for one
 *No bake banana bread bites
 *No bake peanut butter pretzel bars
 *Raspberry oatmeal crumb bars

April Workout Plan

Hello everyone! Here is the April workout plan. I will post new workout plans every month so subscribe so you don’t miss out on anything!

Monday: Arms workout (each x 30)

{I use my resistance band, 15 lb. dumbbell, and 20 lb. barbell}

  • Arm circles
  • Bent over row
  • Push ups
  • Bicep curls
  • Tricep extensions
  • Lateral raises
  • Front raises
  • Bent over lateral raises

Tuesday: Booty and thighs workout with resistance band (each x 30)29511112_10155991031077419_2259829812945249023_n

Wednesday: Rest day {This is very important! Your body needs time to recover!}

Thursday: Full body workout (each x 30)

  • Crunches
  • Side crunch kicks
  • Touch toes crossover
  • Plank (60 seconds)
  • Plank shoulder tap rotation
  • Dumbbell tricep flick backs
  • Donkey kick
  • Glute bridge
  • Weighted reverse lunges
  • Body weight squat
  • Standing calf raises
  • Plie squat calf raises

Friday: Abs workout (each x 30)

  • Crunches
  • Alternate heel touches
  • Bicycle crunches
  • Reverse crunch
  • Russian Twist
  • Leg pull-in knee-up
  • Flutter kicks
  • Lying leg raise
  • Windshield wipers
  • Plank (60 seconds)
  • Side plank (30 seconds each side)
  • Plank jacks

Saturday: Back workout (each x 30)

  • Boxing jabs
  • Bent over one arm dumbbell lateral raise
  • Dumbbell squat and press
  • Push ups
  • Dumbbell bent over row
  • Barbell deadlift
  • Clapping push ups
  • Burpees
  • Bent over dumbbell rows

Sunday: Yoga for lower back and hip pain


You can also sign up at the gym to do things. I try to get to the gym 4 times a week to do the treadmill and bike for 30 minutes and sit in the dry sauna for 15 minutes.