Daily Archives: April 11, 2018

A Little Note About Me


I’m a mama to two awesome boys.

Surrogate 4.24.16 & currently working on my 2nd journey.

I bake things and I lift.

I’ll post biweekly menus, recipes, life stuff, and monthly workout plans on here.

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Money Challenges


I’m branching out my website. I hear so many people say they struggle with their budget. That they don’t have time to do it and that they sometimes miss payments because they forgot it needed to be paid. Let me help you! I always plan my budgets out for 3 months. For a small fee (because it’s super time consuming) I could make your budget lists for you too! I could do them for 2 months at a time if you wanted. You would just need to send me a list of everything that you need to pay for, their due dates, and the dates you get paid. Let me know if you’re interested!

Budget Lists


You Have It All Together


“You have it all together!”

I hear it all the time. Ladies & possibly gents, no I do not. Social media has made us all look at snapshots of people’s lives.

You see that I make all these delicious meals and snacks and take pretty pictures of them. What you don’t see is that 80% of the time my meals don’t turn out right and I say, “That’s it! I just did all this for over an hour for nothing. You’re all eating cereal for dinner!”

You see that my kids are happy and playing together or squeezing each other tight in pictures. What you don’t see is that they fight 98% of the time. This morning they were screaming at each other and throwing toys at each others heads (and this is an everyday thing.)

You see that I have a nice house and that we go on trips to places sometimes. What you don’t see is that 8 years ago I lived in an apartment that didn’t have a bed or a table and that sometimes I only ate once a day because I couldn’t afford anything else. I remember having a friend over one time and they said, “So did you just move in?” (I had already lived there for over 6 months!) You don’t know that when I had my youngest at 17 I was on WIC and state medical insurance and that I had people harass me at the grocery store when I would use it because “I didn’t look like I needed it.”

You see all the arts and crafts projects I do with my kids. I’ve also heard “You’re such a Pinterest mom! I wish I could be more like you!” What you don’t see is that when I had my oldest I was working two jobs to make ends meet and pay for all the medical bills my oldest had from having a seizure. So I never had time to sit down and do things with him.

You see that I’m constantly working out and posting gym or workout pictures because I’m proud of the muscle I’ve gained. What you don’t see is that I always had to be the thinnest. I had to wear the smallest sized clothes because if I didn’t I felt like I wasn’t worthy of love. Now I’m like, “fuck you! I’ll crush you with these muscles.”

Moral of the story. Don’t judge someone’s life by their snapshots on social media. People only post their best moments so it’s not good for your mental health to compare yourself to what you are seeing. Don’t worry, I’m guilty of this too.

Hearing that I’m an inspiration to other women last week made me feel on cloud 9 and having people support me with my new website makes me feel incredible. I just want you all to know that you’re capable of BIG things. You all rock.