A note about me

I created Barbells & Brownies to join people together through food and fitness. So many people struggle to create menus and monthly fitness plans. So many people will start a program for a week and then give up because they have no support. Barbells & Brownies is your support. I’m here to keep you motivated. Recipes are hard to do sometimes, but I deliver tried and true recipes to you. I give you monthly workout plans that you can do in your home, in a hotel, or heck, you could even do them outside if you want. There should be good balance between food. You shouldn’t feel like you have to starve yourself or feel like food has to taste like cardboard for you to achieve your goals. I believe in being able to have access to to healthy food plans and recipes. I believe you should have access to workout plans and motivational support no matter what your income is. There are multiple fitness programs that charge for their services and they are amazing programs, but I think that if you can’t afford them then you shouldn’t feel like you have no place to turn to. Barbells & Brownies will always be in your corner. My business is for men and women of all shapes and sizes coming from all different backgrounds. If you’re trying to better yourself and better your life then you will never be turned away.

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