Menu For June 8th – June 21st


8. Ravioli Bake

9. Instant Pot Macaroni & Cheese {You can top it with bacon}

10. Egg, Ham, And Cheese Breakfast Sandwiches

Egg, Ham and Cheese Breakfast Sandwiches

11. Instant Pot Ranch Chicken Pasta

12. Slow Cooker Ribs

Slow Cooker Spare Ribs

13. Instant Pot Chicken Noodle Soup

14. Go out to eat

15. Blueberry Pancake Bites {I’m going to serve sausage links on the side}

Blueberry Pancake Bites: Easy Breakfast Ideas for Busy Mornings!

16. Instant Pot Philly Cheesesteak Subs

Slow Cooker Cheesesteak Sandwiches (Instant Pot too)

17. Freezer-Friendly Individual Lasagnas

18. Beef Tips W/ Rice

19. Leftover Salsa Verde Chicken Enchiladas

20. Beef, Carrot, And Potato Foil Pack {I’m going to cook ours on our Traeger}

Hobo Dinners

21. Beef & Broccoli

Crazy Good Beef And Broccoli

{Snacks & Desserts}

~Freeze-Ahead Homemade Uncrustable~

Homemade Uncrustables (Update)

~Dairy-Free Avocado Fudgesicles~

Dairy-Free Fudgesicles (Vegan, Paleo, Keto)

~Sprinkle Shortbread Cookies~

Sprinkle Slice and Bake Shortbread

~No-Bake Peanut Butter Pretzel Bars~

Sprinkle Slice and Bake Shortbread


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