I’m Saying YES


I’ve been tackling A LOT over the last few months {pretty much since the beginning of 2018}

It’s very hard for me to say yes to things. It’s hard for me to just do something without first evaluating all of the chips on the table. That means evaluating them, waiting a few days to rearrange them and re-evaluate them again until my head spins and it creates major anxiety.

Today I’ve decided to start saying YES to things that make me uncomfortable. Things that pull me out of my comfort zone. {I love the comfort zone like all of you, but there’s no place to grow there.} I’m choosing to say yes to things that I’m like ehh…sitting on the sidelines will be best.

When making decisions these are the thoughts that go through my head:

  • What will others think?
  • Will I get a negative response?
  • Will others think what I’m doing is pointless?
  • Will others support me in this journey?

Do you know what all of those questions have in common? Better yet, do you know what they aren’t about? ME!

Every single one of those questions is asking what other people will think about me, not what I’ll think about me. You guys know what? It’s not my job to make sure you’re happy all of the time. It’s not my job to ask what kind of effect my decision will have on you. There have been countless times that I’ve chosen not to do something because of how people will react to it. So from here on out for the next 365 days I will be saying yes to things that pull me out of my comfort zone no matter how much I think other people will respond negatively to it.

Who knows, you might absolutely love what I do or plan on doing. There was and still is the thought of, “what about that ONE person?” That person that hates everything I’m doing. Guess what? You’ll always have that one person and if you get caught up on that you will never push forward. So I’m jumping in with both feet, ignoring the what ifs, pushing forward with full creative force, and I’ll be shining at the end of these 365 days.

I challenge you to join me for the next 365 days to say YES! Not maybe, not I’ll think about it, not let’s look at all of the chips on the table, just YES.

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