Crockpot Berry Crisp

✨ Crockpot Berry Crisp ✨⠀

The boys and I poured this over our lactose free Breyers vanilla ice cream 🍨 ⠀

{Ingredients} ⠀

✨ 1 container of strawberries ⠀

✨ 1 container of blueberries ⠀

✨ 1/2 of a lemon ⠀

✨ 1 cup of granola ⠀

✨ whatever ice cream you love ⠀

{Directions} ⠀

✨ Spray your crockpot with non-stick cooking spray or line it with a crockpot liner. ⠀

✨ Cut up your fruit and put it in your crockpot. Squeeze lemon juice over fruit. ⠀

✨ Add granola to crockpot and stir everything until combined. ⠀

✨ Lay a paper towel over the top of your crockpot and cover with your lid. ⠀

✨ Cook for 1 hour. ⠀

✨ Let cool for 10 minutes and then scoop some over your ice cream. ⠀

You can use whatever fruit you want! ⠀

We are going to try peaches and cherries next time 🍑🍒

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